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We are located in Windsor, Ontario Canada. This website offers collectable, hard-to-find and discontinued items plus good preowned merchandise. Simply browse Windsor Resale, Your Local Online Resale Store, find what you want then contact us to arrange payment and delivery.

The Office Building Talking Jigsaw Puzzle
New, Sealed

The Office Building Talking Jigsaw Puzzle
Sold Ravensburger Noah's Ark PuzzleRavensburger Noah's Ark
Sealed 60 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Mordillo Penalty Jigsaw PuzzleMordillo Penalty
Heye 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Sold The Night Before Christmas Springbok PuzzleThe Night Before Christmas
Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pc
Ciro Marchetti THE TOWER Jigsaw PuzzleNew Sealed
Ciro Marchetti THE TOWER 1000 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle
$19.99 Little Einsteins Poster PuzzleLittle Einsteins
100 Pc Poster Puzzle
Springbok Have a Cuddly Christmas PuzzleVintage New
Springbok Have a Cuddly Christmas
100 Piece Children's Jigsaw Puzzle
$14.99 Maggie the MessMaker 2000 pc Wysocki PuzzleMaggie the MessMaker 2000 pc
Charles Wysocki Puzzle
Hershey's Chocolate Factory Jigsaw PuzzleNew Sealed

Hershey's Chocolate Factory Jigsaw Puzzle

Plus New Pack of Refrigerator Magnets
Sold 1965 Mustang Classic Cars Wrebbit Puzzles1965 Mustang Classic Cars

Puzz 3D Wrebbit Puzzle
Unopened, Still Factory Sealed
Mordillo Big Surprise Jigsaw PuzzleMordillo Big Surprise
Heye 1000 pc Jigsaw Puzzle
Complete With Poster
$34.99 Ravensburger Manet Jigsaw PuzzleRavensburger Manet Jigsaw Puzzle
Factory Sealed
Monet Painting In His Floating Studio
Wetterstein 2500 F.X. Schmid PuzzleNew, sealed

Wetterstein F.X. Schmid Jigsaw Puzzle
2500 Pieces
Sold Coming SoonVintage New
MB Classics The Meet
2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle