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Nintendo Pokemon Pocket Pikachu Virtual PetNintendo Pokemon Pocket Pikachu Virtual Pet
$34.99 Tamagotchi Connection V2 Pink with StripesTamagotchi Connection V2 Pink with Stripes$39.99
Tamagotchi Connection V3 Green with FlowersTamagotchi Connection V3 Green with Flowers$49.99 Tamagotchi Connection Music Star Blue EQTamagotchi Connection Music Star Blue EQ
Tested, Works
Tamagotchi V3 Blue Waves on BlueTamagotchi Connection V3 Blue Waves on BlueSold Tamagotchi V2 Red with HeartsTamagotchi Connection V2 Red with HeartsSold
Tamagotchi Connection V4 Yellow with Red StripesTamagotchi Connection V4 Yellow with Red StripesSold Tamagotchi Blue Music Star CityTamagotchi Blue Music Star CitySold
Tamagotchi Connection Red ReptileTamagotchi Connection V4.5 Red Reptile or Snake Sold Tamagotchi Mini Watch & PetTamagotchi Mini Watch & Pet 1 1/2"Sold
Tamagotchi Mini Watch & PetTamagotchi Mini Watch & Pet 1 1/2"Sold Tamagotchi Connection V3 Blue BubblesTamagotchi Connection V3 Blue BubblesSold
Tamagotchi V2 Sweet CandyTamagotchi Connection V2 Sweet CandySold Tamagotchi Connection Green SnakeTamagotchi Connection V3 Green Snake ReptileSold